Manta Product Photoshoot… Literally.

20131026 mantashootI had an awesome experience this weekend and thought I’d share it with someone, even if it’s just the world via my web site.

Manta, one of our clients at Bark at the Moon has a weapon accessories product line (automatic rifle rail covers, button/switch covers, grip sleeves, etc.) and one of their new products is a supressor sleeve which helps reduce the weapon’s heat signature and also protects the shooter from burning themself after a high rate of fire. During the demo, the shooter was able to hold the gun by the supressor after 90 rounds of cyclic fire.

A FLIR video camera was used to capture the heat signature during the demo. It was pretty awesome. I took the opportunity to take a rare thermal selfy as well.

After the demo, I felt ‘obligated’ to get to know the product-line a little more intimately, as seen below.

Special thanks to Manta (, for the opportunity to visit their private range and demo these products.

And for you enthusiasts, the weapon in the video below was an HK MR762 with; Atlas Bi-Pod, Blue Force Gear Sling, SureFire Supressor, Trijicon SDO optic and of course Manta Rail Guards and Suppressor Cover!

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