My First Drone – The Mavic Pro

20170520 DJI DroneNot to over-emphasize such a minor event as owning my first real drone, but I will forever remember May 20, 2017 for just that.

Brandon and I have had a couple quad-copters and I’ve flown a few RC airplanes over the years, but the jump to a real drone is just breathtaking. From live streaming 1080p video back to my iPhone, capturing amazing 4k video, to flying 40mph at 400 feet, there’s really nothing quite like it!

Here’s just a simple photo I snapped from our first day flying. About as close to a picture of the front of my house that I can get being right up against the woods. At 4000 pixels across and enough resolution for a poster, it’s truely amazing.

I look forward to many amazing photos and videos in my future. 

Click here for the uncropped, unretouched, high resolution photo. ORIGINAL PHOTO

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