Warrior Dash 2013 Was Awesome

20130810 warriordash

As expected, the warrior dash turned out another great year with alot of fun and alot of mud.

Thank God they changed up the course a little and didn’t hit us with the one mile run up front. That was painful last year… not to show my hand with my running endurance.

We had a group of about 17 of us this year and dredged through the obstacles together, helping each other through. It was great to include Nate this year too.

There was a lot more mud this year so Kudos to whomever mixed up the course. The final obstacle was of course the best with the thickest mud/quicksand I’ve ever crawled through in my life.

To all my family and friends who made the day great. Thanks. See you next year! And a special thanks to my niece Abby for coming along, staying clean and capturing pictures for us all. Obviously there would be no photo memories without her.

UPDATE: The race results are in. Ouch! Out of the 5,337 racers on Saturday, only 123 finished slower than us, and for you math junkies, that puts us in the bottom 2.3% of the finishers. Perhaps less mud slinging, tackling and slip’n sliding will improve that time. On the flip side, we all were definitely in the top 2.3% who had the most fun!

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