Daytona-Orlando Vacation

20150629 florida vacationIt’s been a couple years since we took a family vacation so we were ALL looking forward to getting out of town by the time vacation actually hit last week.

Being no strangers to long car-trips, we packed up the family and began our 16 hour drive to Orlando, via a detour in Jacksonville to stop by my old Navy Base (NAS Jacksonville) as well as cruising through our old neighborhood.

We ended the road trip in Daytona Beach to spend a couple days with family. Thanks again to Scott and Diana DeVault for putting my whole family up for 2-days and feeding us until we couldn’t eat any more. It was a great pre-vacation vacation with you guys! Yankees doing southern hospitality right.

The following week itself was just as awesome staying at the Summer Bay Resort in Orlando. The first time we’ve ever stayed at such a place. Beautiful condo, lots of space, many pools and nice lake with toys. It was great for Teresa and Summer to come and visit with us a couple days as well.

We hit SeaWorld and Bush Gardens this trip down. SeaWorld being a favorite and Bush Gardens being one we’ve never gone too. All 3 are roller-coaster fanatics now that their older. Lightening and rain unfortunately chased us out of both parks earlier than hoped. Tall steel roller-coasters and storm clouds don’t mix apparently.

After 2,500 total miles on the caravan and a LONG trip home, it was back to the grind.

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